Bodies in Need of Repair

Chapter published in Entangled Bodies: Art, Identity and Intercorporeality, ed. Tammer El-Sheikh (Vernon Press, UK 2020)

Hand Labour and Digital Capitalism at the Chicago Board of Trade

Chapter for the anthology THE OBJECT OF LABOR, edited by Joan Livingstone and John Ploof
Massachussetts: MIT Press, 2007

Material Matters

 Co-editor with Ruth Scheuing, of Material Mtters (YYZ Books, Toronto 1998) of an anthology of essays regarding the relationship of materials to culture.reprinted 2000. Contributed the essay "Material and the Promise of the Immaterial".

Intimate Technologies

Intimate Textiles
Berg Publishers, UK, 2004

Bridging Technologies: Textiles and Digital Media

Surfacing Journal, Toronto 2001


48 Hours/ 48 Rooms

48 Hours/48 Rooms 48 Heures/48 Chambres
CD-Rom documentation, introduction and catalogue essay